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Time to Explore Malaysia's Rainforests and Islands

Nature Escapes is your ultimate travel guide to rainforest romps, Borneo nature getaways and Malaysia vacations.

Whether you're a busy professional, a tourist, or a parent seeking activities for kids, this guide will get you started on fun weekend getaways, family vacation ideas and the best nature adventure in Malaysia.

Run by a passionate environmental dad, not a travel agency, Nature Escapes merges years of jungle trekking and nature experiences into a comprehensive web portal so you can make the right choice for your family or group.

Nature Escapes seeks to get you out of the concrete jungle of Kuala Lumpur and into the wild scenery of Malaysia:

    • Find over 50 easy access nature getaways within four-hours from Kuala Lumpur and holiday retreats for Great Escapes.
    • Do you know where to go for mountain biking, jungle trekking, wildlife watching, birdwatching and other jungle action?
    • Get the kids outdoors for the day to explore the natural - not just the virtual - world to spark an interest in science.
    • Do you need to hire a nature guide or find the best destination to visit during a short business trip or family holiday in Kuala Lumpur?
    • Visit a wildlife rehabilitation center or volunteer to assist sea turtles, terrapins or other conservation projects.

With a special section on rainforests and conservation, Nature Escapes wants you to know more about Malaysia's fascinating wild animals and rainforest plants.

You can even read up on current environmental issues or get active with green groups.

Ready for Malaysian Nature Adventure?

KL City Escapes

Kuala Lumpur City Escapes

Starting from the capital city, the KL City Escapes are wild excursions separated by hourly time zones based on one-way drive times. These destinations range from nearby jungle waterfalls to more remote, but reachable, parks and wildlife sanctuaries.

Start out with easy day trips to rivers and recreation forests and then tackle more jungle with overnight trips deeper in the rainforest.

The KL City Escapes makes it easier to decide how far you have to travel and super convenient to plan for last minute weekend vacations or getaways with friends and family. Many of the closest locations to KL are in forest reserves and government-run forest parks with limited facilities and public access.

Most nature sites like jungle waterfalls are easy to get to from Kuala Lumpur; others are off the beaten path. And some places are especially good for kids, while others are only for experienced trekkers. The aim is for you to make the best decision for a safe, fun escape to the wilderness and avoid problems when in the jungle.

Great PM and Beaufort Wetland Escapes

Malaysia Vacation

For longer Malaysia vacations and holidays, the Great PM Escapes recommend some of the best parks and nature destinations in Peninsula Malaysia. These jungle islands and tropical animal havens - like Langkawi Island and Taman Negara - offer special rewards for jungle trekking, diving and snorkeling, wildlife observation and rainforest relaxation.

Go to Borneo (East Malaysia) for even more jungle and island adventure. Choose one of the Borneo Escapes for fantastic options to observe endangered animals, like orangutans and pygmy elephants, or climb the very accessible Mount Kinabalu, one of the highest mountains in Southeast Asia.

Each state in Borneo offers distinctive adventures and cultures to explore, from the spectacular diversity and scenery of Sarawak's National Parks to the wild and scenic mountain ranges, freshwater swamps and rivers and rainforest mammal sanctuaries of Sabah.

Nature Action

Mountain Biking

If you want outdoor action over destinations, then seek out places to for mountain biking or jungle trekking. Or find one of the many biking clubs, extreme sports events or rock climbing areas for more options.

Take the kids to a refreshing jungle waterfall or visit one of the wildlife rehab centers to gain more awareness about Malaysia's wild species.

Nature Guides


For those of you seeking a better outdoor education, then it's possible to hire a local Green Guide to show you around for the day. These nature guides are licensed by the Ministry of Tourism and they are knowledgeable about plant and animal species.

To make a booking, please use the form provided and realize that guides need a few weeks to organize any activity.

Nature Getaways

Kuala Lumpur Weekend Getaway

The new Nature Getaways option seeks to find special rainforest retreats and resorts and organized nature activities run by private ecotourism operators (Add your nature business here.)

Look over the first selections in the Kuala Lumpur Weekend Getaways as we search for more options to spend more time in the jungle with more creature comforts.

For the last two decades, the jungle has been my refuge. As an environmental writer, I've trekked with wildlife researchers, scientists and nature enthusiasts to explore the rainforest ecosystem.

It's not easy to leave the comforts and security of shopping malls and get grubby in the rainforest climate. That's the challenge.

What you're missing is the wonderment. Nothing beats what the jungle can offer:

    • ... a sensation of discovery
    • ... the thrill of adventure
    • ... or the surprise of self-achievement

Now it's my turn to help you see Malaysia's awesome biodiversity that still remains accessible and enjoyable for all ages.

During our three year existence, Nature Escapes constantly receives visitors' requests to make recommendations to help foreign tourists, school kids, local residents and business travelers find a good nature outing experience.

Now it's your turn to get into the jungle!

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